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    What is Invisalign®?

    Invisalign® and Clear Aligners in St George and Southern UtahInvisalign® is the brand name of a clear aligner company. Invisalign® is often used as a ubiquitous term to connote all clear aligners, much like Kleenex is used to connote tissue paper. Invisalign® and other clear aligner companies use clear retainers to slowly move teeth over several months. Clear aligners are also called invisible aligners and invisible braces. Other clear aligner companies include Smile Direct, Candid, Snap Correct, Smile Love, Aligner Co, and Byte. Clear aligners need to be worn for 22 hours per day for maximum effectiveness. They can be removed for eating and home hygiene care. Clear aligners offer an excellent alternative to cemented brackets and wires. Like braces, clear aligners work 24/7. Many clear aligner companies are less expensive than traditional braces. However, some companies are NOT regulated or supervised by a dentist or orthodontist. Invisalign® is overseen by your dentist or orthodontist but is one of the most expensive clear aligner company products available.

    How Does Invisalign® Work? How Do Clear Aligners Work?

    If you have ever worn a retainer, you know how it would feel to use clear aligners. Clear aligners use small amounts of pressure to move teeth. Aligners extend to the back teeth because the back teeth provide excellent anchorage. Each tray will move the teeth a small amount (1mm or less), so bigger movements take more trays and more time. The aligners are changed every two weeks. Clear aligners can handle most orthodontic movements, but on some occasions, traditional braces are better. Dr. Bergman will directly and compassionately discuss your options with you.

    When Dr. Bergman first evaluates you for clear aligners, a full exam and consultation is required. Orthodontics should never be initiated in the presence of gum disease or decay. Orthodontics will exacerbate gum disease and can perpetuate tooth destruction by decay. Moving forward, a digital scan is taken in our office for clear aligners. No more messy impressions. No more gagging trays. The digital scan captures the tooth positions and gum topography. A custom treatment plan is made after examining the 3-dimensional scan.

    Stay away from mail-in clear aligner brands. They fall under a loophole for “cosmetics” and are not bound by traditional dental standards and guidelines. Often times, moving the front teeth for cosmetic reasons will alter the way the teeth fit together in the back. Mail-in companies are not legally allowed, nor do most have the training, to fix or alter the occlusion (the way the teeth fit together). When that happens, the cost goes up exponentially. It is much better to have all orthodontics, including clear aligners, performed under the care of a licensed dentist or orthodontist. Current mail-in clear aligner brands include Smile Direct Club, Candid, byte®, SnapCorrect, and Smile Love.

    In order to prepare the aligners, the digital rendering of the teeth is manipulated so that the ideal arch form is created. Individual teeth can be raised, lowered, rotated, tilted, or left alone completely. The fit of the teeth is examined to ensure proper fit. The fit of the back teeth is verified. The new look can be viewed digitally for approval. Dr. Bergman will review and confirm the sequence of movements for orthodontic treatment.

    Digital model files are created for each sequence of aligner therapy. The number of models and consequently the number of aligners is determined by the type and distance of movement. Some movements are more difficult and take more aligners to accomplish. The models are printed right here at Red Hills Dental. This reduces the cost to you and allows us to ensure accuracy and quality. Following model fabrication, the clear aligners are also produced right here in our office. Again, this is for quality control and to pass savings on to you. Because we control so much of the process, clear aligner therapy can be monitored and adjusted right here in our office. Lose an aligner? We can remake one quickly. Your dog ate it? We can help, usually the same day. Want to change a tooth rotation? We can alter that sequence seamlessly.

    New clear aligners are delivered to you every 2 weeks. The aligners move teeth smoothly and efficiently. Treatment times vary considerably, from 3 months up to 24 months. When treatment is finished, a clear retainer is made for the newly straightened teeth. The retainer must be worn every single night to prevent relapse of treatment and assure that malocclusion does not creep back over time. Retainers do wear out over time and have to be remade. When that happens, please contact your dentist or orthodontist immediately to prevent a reversion of alignment.

    How Much Does Invisalign® Cost? How Much Do Clear Aligners Cost?


    Clear Aligner BrandCost of TreatmentPayment Plans
    Red Hills Dental$1,000 — $2,500Depends on Treatment Length
    Traditional Braces$3,000 — $6,000Depends on Treatment Length
    Invisalign®$3,000 — $8,000Depends on Treatment Length
    ClearCorrect$2,500 — $5,500Depends on Treatment Length
    Smile Direct Club$1,950 (If paid in full)$89 / Month
    Candid$2,400 (If paid in full)$99 / Month
    byte®$1,895-$2,295 (if paid in full)$99 / Month
    SnapCorrect$1,749 (if paid in full)$80 / Month
    Smile Love$1,895 (if paid in full)$80 / Month

    Should I Use Clear Aligners?

    It should now be clear that Dr. Bergman fabricates clear aligners individually customized to each patient. Clear aligners are made with the final outcome in mind. From the beginning to the end, clear aligners are a simple step by step process of moving teeth. Aligners are appropriate for a variety of different misalignments, including:


    1. Crowded Teeth
    2. Overbite
    3. Underbite 
    4. Diastema — a space between teeth
    5. Open Bite — the front teeth stay open when the back teeth are closed
    6. Misaligned Primary (Baby) Teeth


    The only way to know for sure if clear aligners are right for you is to have a personalized consultation with Dr. Bergman. The cost of clear aligners with Red Hills Dental is up to 60% less than traditional braces. And our aligners are almost invisible, so you can live life normally. Unlike braces, aligners are also removable. You can remove them and clean them in the sink. You can remove them and eat what you want. In fact, to keep your aligners in top shape, you should remove them to eat. There are no dietary restrictions; however, drinking anything other than water when wearing your aligners is very strongly discouraged. Clean your aligners with mild soap and water. Do not use toothpaste or any other abrasive. Do not use hot water, it will warp the aligner. Finally, when the aligners are removed there are no impediments to home hygiene, so please brush and floss before reinserting your clear aligners.

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