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    Dental Exams

    During your first visit as a new patient, a complete dental exam should take place. A complete dental exam includes x-rays, a clinical evaluation, and sometimes small pictures of the teeth. 



    Dr. Bergman uses x-rays to see cavities, find cysts or tumors, check growth and development, evaluate the bone around the teeth, and even evaluate the health of the sinuses. There are several different types of x-rays. Each type of x-ray serves a different purpose to help Dr. Bergman diagnose health or disease.


    Oral Cancer Screening

    The clinical exam is when Dr. Bergman uses instruments to examine the teeth and gums. Dr. Bergman will also perform a general oral cancer evaluation. In an oral cancer evaluation, The lips, tongue, palate, and cheek are all checked for abnormalities. 


    Cavity Check

    When the clinical exam is performed, the teeth are checked for cavities. This is when Dr. Bergman uses a special instrument to feel in the grooves of the teeth for soft spots or broken fillings. The teeth are also checked for discoloration, hardness, and genetic malformation. 


    Periodontal Disease

    Lastly, during a complete exam a periodontal evaluation is performed. This is when the doctor checks the gums. In order to see if gum disease exists, a special ruler is used to measure around each tooth. Dr. Bergman is looking for recession, bleeding, redness, swelling, and even pus. However, there is rarely pain with gum disease. Thankfully, gum disease can be treated.

    If you have any concerns or questions, the exam is the perfect time to ask. Would you change anything about your smile? Do you suffer from hot or cold sensitivity? Is your jaw sore when you wake up in the morning? Has it been a long time since your last cleaning? Is flossing really necessary? Dr. Bergman loves the relationships created through dentistry. Remember, Red Hills Dental is here to help.

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